Urethane Replacement Parts and Components Review

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Urethane is a common replacement material for parts and components made from plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The following are advantages of replacement urethane parts and components.

Urethane has excellent abrasion resistance and typically outperforms rubber, plastic or metal in severe abrasion and wear environments. Urethane has very good chemical resistance to most solvents, chemicals, aliphatic based oils, and greases. Selected Urethane formulations have excellent dimensional stability over a broad range of temperatures, stress and pressures. Urethanes also have excellent resistance to compression and tension set . They can be stretched to significant stress levels and return to their original size.

Selected Urethane compounds have very good electrical properties , such as dielectric strength, dielectric constant, and resistivity. Urethane is commonly used as an electrical insulating material.

Urethane parts may have a wide range of hardness, from 20 Shore A durometer (rubber band) to 75 Shore D durometer (Aluminum). Urethane has great impact resistance, with even the hardest Urethanes, you have significantly better impact resistance than plastics and composites. While conventional plastic materials can become brittle as they become harder, urethane retains elasticity and strength over the complete range of hardness.

Hard durometer Urethanes compounds are easily drilled, tapped and machined.  Hard durometers Urethane parts are often used in gears, cams, control mechanisms, and other applications. Soft durometers compounds are commonly used to replace rubber for improved sound/vibration dampening.

Urethane parts may be manufactured in elastic ranges between 250-1000 lbs/linear inch, and are far superior to natural rubber in all applications. Therefore, Urethane may be used for drive belts, seals, diaphragms, gaskets, and other applications requiring strength and flexibility .