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Wind Turbine Power From Wind
Energy available in wind is basically the kinetic energy of large masses of air moving over the earth’s surface. Blades of the wind turbine receive this kinetic energy, which is then transformed to mechanical or electrical forms, depending on our end use.
Universal Joint Maximum Minimum Speed
This form of coupling, originally known as a Cardan or Hooke's coupling, is used for connecting two shafts the axes of which are not in line with each other, but which merely intersect at a point.
Motor Car Engineering Volume II Design
Motor Car Engineering, Text Book Volume II Design
Motor Car Engineering Text Book Volume I Construction
Published in 1911 this book is primarily intended for the use of students of Motor Car Engineering ; but it is hoped that many engaged in this branch of Engineering science, including owners of cars, will derive some benefit from a perusal of this volume, which has been mainly written from the notes used by the Author in his lectures to Ordinary and Honors Grade Students at the Polytechnic School of Engineering
Average Wind Velocities
Average wind velocities at selected locations within the continental United States.
Gear and Power Transmission Table
Table of powers, speeds, transmission ratios, dimensions (orientation values) for Gearing.
Truck and Car Axle Load Equations
To optimize the vehicle and achieve the correct superstructure ratings, an axle load calculation is essential. The body can be matched properly to the truck only if the vehicle is weighed before any body building work is carried out.
Diesel Electric Generating Plants
design of diesel-electric generating plants for facilities where utility power is not available.
Roller Chain Dimensions Table per. ASME/ANSI B29.1M
Dimension TAble for Standard Series ASME ANSI roller chains.
Pelton Wheel Review
Modern impulse turbines are generally know as Pelton type and are restricted to relatively high-head applications . One or more jets of water impinge on a wheel containing many curved buckets.

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