Metering Pump Review

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Metering Pump Review

Metering Pumps are positive displacement type pumps which deliver a specific amount fluid into a system. Metering pumps are available in a wide variety of flow, pressure, and fluid compatibility. Metering pumps may be driven by an variable or fixed velocity electric motor or a reciprocating engine power take-off (PTO). Pump metering rate may be fixed or adjustable. Metering pumps are available with both mechanical and electronic flow / metering control mechanisms.

Metering pumps are used when one or more of the following are required within a fluid system:

  • Contamination or leakage between fluid systems must be controlled.
  • Flow must be specifically controlled relative to discharge pressure.
  • Fluid output capacity must be accurate.
  • Fluids system isolation must be present.

Metering pump performance selection considerations:

  • Downturn ration accuracy, also called range, which is the pumps capacity to maintain the required repeatability on various operating conditions.
  • Flow performance linearity, which is the metering pumps ability to achieve performance relative to a predicted or measured performance curve. This performance curve is normally pressure vs metering rate. The lower the percentage of the pumps deviation the more accurate the pump is.
  • Steady state accuracy is the metering pumps ability to maintain a constant flow while continuously running. Normally this is specified in percentage.
  • Pump isolation requirements of the pump should be matched to the fluid system isolation requirements.

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