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Mil-R-46085B, Rhodium

MIL-R-46085B, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: RHODIUM PLATING, ELECTRODEPOSITED, (24 APR 1984) [NO S/S DOCUMENT]., This specification covers the requirements for the electrodeposition of rhodium over metallic surfaces.

Metallic and similar to stainless steel in color. Excellent corrosion resistance. Almost as hard as chromium. Very good abrasion resistance.

Thicker coatings are very brittle. Has high reflectivity. Used on silver for tarnish resistance. Applications range from electronics to nose cones-wherever wear, corrosion resistance, solder-ability, and reflectivity are important.

Type I Over nickel, silver, gold, or platinum.

Type II Over other metals, (requires nickel undercoat).

  • Class 1 .000002" min.
  • Class 2 .00001" min.
  • Class 3 .00002" min.
  • Class 4 .00010" min.
  • Class 5 .00025" min.

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