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Soil-Sement® from Midwest Industrial Supply, Effectively Constructs Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Runways

CANTON, OHIO - Soil-Sement® manufactured by Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., a leading producer of environmentally safe dust and soil erosion control products, works well in the cost-effective construction of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (TUAV) runways and meets all environmental requirements.

TUAV platforms provide U.S. Army brigade commanders with crucial intelligence, delivered efficiently from its electronic payload directly to tactical command centers. Typically, landing zones are constructed with compacted native soil. When Soil-Sement is added to the native soil, it creates a durable runway surface and reduces long-term maintenance.

Soil-Sement is an ideal solution for constructing TUAV runways because it increases load-bearing strengths of all types of soils and surfaces. It can be applied and cures quickly, which is desirable in aircraft landing zone construction. Soil-Sement withstands severe weather conditions.

Soil-Sement works by stabilizing native soils into a strong tightly bound soil matrix. Soil-Sement is effective because its high carbon-index polymers bind to the surface's soil particles and increase the cohesion among all the particles. When the landing zone is treated with Soil-Sement, it becomes hard and takes on the appearance of cement, while staying dust-free.

Environmentally safe, Soil-Sement is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and does not pollute groundwater. These environmental properties meet Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) requirements, which aim to preserve a training area's natural environment, while providing necessary capability for training.

"Soil-Sement met the task of constructing the TUAV runway at Fort Bragg," said Darin Burns, land rehabilitation and maintenance coordinator, Fort Bragg. "Time was not only saved in the application of Soil-Sement but also the maintenance of it. Soil-Sement also has been an asset in maintaining Fort Bragg's training environment."

For over 30 years, Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. has improved customers' operational efficiency and operation costs while achieving environmental integrity and compliance in a variety of industries. With innovative, industry-leading products and application services, Midwest Industrial Supply develops high-quality products for dust control, road stabilization, erosion control, soil stabilization and anti-icing/de-icing.

For more information on Soil-Sement or other products from Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., please contact Midwest Industrial Supply, P.O. Box 8431, Canton, OH 44711. Toll free: 800-321-0699. Fax: 330-456-3247.
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