Gear, Pulley, Bearing Thrust Configurations Chart

Bearing Engineering Application

Gear, Pulley, Bearing Thrust Configurations Chart

Thrust is a reaction force described quantitatively by Newton 's second and third laws . When a system expels or accelerates mass in one direction, the accelerated mass will cause a force of equal magnitude but opposite direction on that system. The force applied on a surface in a direction perpendicular or normal to the surface is called thrust. Force, and thus thrust, is measured in the International System of Units (SI) as the newton (symbol: N), and represents the amount needed to accelerate 1 kilogram of mass at the rate of 1 metre per second squared.

In mechanical engineering , force orthogonal to the main load (such as in parallel helical gears ) is referred to as thrust .

Use this chart to design for proper gear pulley installtion thrust configuration.

Thrust Configurations Chart