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Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Capacitive Sensors are very similar to inductive proximity sensors in shape and function. The difference is that the capacitive sensor can sense not only conductors/metallic but also nonconductors.
Proximity Sensor Basics

Proximity Sensor Basics (PNP, capacitive)
Bi-Folding Gate Mechanism

Bi-Folding Gate Mechanism
Machine Tool Animation

Machine Tool Animation
Sheet Metal Forming Tool Animation

Sheet Metal Forming Tool Animation
Static Equilibrium

This video introduces the concept of static equilibrium in physics and a basic strategy to solve these static problems.
Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps are used for manufacturing work piece holding.
Trailers and Weight Distribution

Trailers and Weight Distribution dynamics demonstration.
Drawing Mohrs Circle

Drawing Mohr's circle when normal stress in the X direction is negative.
2D Statics Modeler

Highly capable Online 2D Static's Modeler and Structural load analysis calculator demonstration video.

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