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Drilling Reaming Boring Manufacturing Process

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There are a variety of machining processes by which holes are produced. This video illustrates with the conventional, traditional methods — drilling, reaming, boring, etc.

Drilling is a machining process in which a round hole is produced or enlarged by means of an end-cutting rotating too, a drill.

Reaming is a related process in which an existing round hole is enlarged to accurate size (diameter and straightness) and smooth finish by means of an end-cutting rotating tool, a reamer.

Boring is a machining operation that enlarges an existing hole by removing metal with a rigidly mounted single-point cutting tool. Either the workpiece of the tool rotates on the centerline of the hole or the tool feeds into the work parallel to the axis of rotation. The rigidity of the spindle and the boring tool rather than the guiding effect of a drill bushing or the machined hole determine the accuracy of the cut.

Other processes that are used to machine round holes are trepanning and gun drilling. Countersinking and counterboring are secondary operations for existing holes.

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