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Weld Joint Coefficient Constants Table Chart

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The following table defines recommended values for weld joint coefficients.

Type of Weld


Coefficient of Weld joint
butt1 Compression 1.00
Tension .85 .9002 1.003
Shear .70
Fillet End Load .754 .905 1.006
Side .654 .805 .906
Groove and Plug Shear .65
Spot Shear .65
Tear-out .5


  1. Coefficient of weld joint for loading along the axis of weld joint a = 1

  2. Contact resistance welding

  3. Butt welds manually welded and supported by the weld from the root side after grooving butt welds bilaterally penetrated, automatic welding under flux or in CO2 made at least from one side electro-slag welds 

  4. Manual arc welding while the strength of used electrode corresponds to the strength of basic material.

  5. Applies to: 

  • Manual arc welding of basic materials whose minimum tensile strength is 20 % lower than minimum strength of weld metal of used electrode

  • Semi-automatic submerged welding, semi-automatic and automatic welding shielded by CO2 atmosphere and even for automatic submerged welding of single-pass or multi-pass welds for the weld height a 8 mm

  1. Automatic submerged welding of single-pass welds for the weld height a < 8 mm

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