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Spot Weld Double-Shear Load Stress Equation and Calculation

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The following equation will determine the double shear load stress of a spot weld.

double shear load stress of a spot weld.

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Shear of Point

Shear of Point

Tear Loading of Point along Cylindrical Surface

Tear Loading of Point along Cylindrical Surface

Comparative Stress

Comparative Stress

τ1 = Shear stress [MPa, psi]
τ2 = Tear stress [MPa, psi]
σS = Comparative stress [MPa,psi]
F = Applied force [N, lb]
s = Thickness, plate [mm, in]
d = Spot weld diameter [mm, in]
i = Number of welds
α = Coefficient of weld joint

Comparative stresses approaches a different way to calculate stresses caused by the axial force or bending moment that actuate in the plane perpendicular to the weld plane. Generally the stress in welds has normal and tangential components. The method of comparative stresses is based on the fact that the shear strength of weld metal is lower than the tensile strength. To simplify the calculation, weld joints are only checked for shear stresses. But the calculation method is the same as in the standard calculation method. Used calculation formulas are also similar.

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