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Stress in Sphere and Hemispherical Head Seam Equation and Calculator

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Stress in Sphere and Hemispherical Head Seam Equation and Calculator

The stress in the girth seam will govern only when the circumferential join efficiency is less than one - half the longitudinal joint efficiency, or when the internal pressure additional loadings (wind load, reaction of saddles) are causing longitudinal bending or tension . The reason for it is that the stress arising in the girth seam pound per square inch is one - half of the stress in the longitudinal seam.

Stress in Cylindrical Shell Long Seam Equation and Calculator

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Stress in Sphere and Hemispherical Head Seam Calculator:

Required minimum wall thickness

t = [ P (R + CA) ] / ( 2SE - 0.2P) + CA

Maximum allowable working pressure
P = 2SEta / (R + 0.2ta)


P = Design pressure or max. allowable working pressure, psi
S = Rated stress value of the material
E = Weld Joint efficiency
R = Inside radius, inches
D = Inside diameter of vessel , inches
t = Thickness of shell (wall), inches
ta = Wall thickness used in actual design, inches
CA = Corrosion allowance, inches

  1. For heads without a straight flange, use the efficiency of the head to shell joint if it is less than the efficiency of the seams in the head.



P = 100 psi design pressure
S = 17,500 psi stress value of SA 515-70 plate @ 650°F
E = 0.85, efficiency of spot-examined joints of shell.
D = 96 inches
R = 48 inches
CA = 0.125 in

Shell thickness requirements:

t = ( 100 psi x 48.125 in.) / ( 2 x 17,500 psi x 0.85 - 0.2 x 100 psi) + 0.125 in.
t = 0.287 in.

Probably use 0.3125 in. plate for design = ta

Maximum working pressure

ta = ( 2 x 17,500 psi x 0.85 x 0.3125 in) / ( ( 48 in+ 0.2 x 0.3125 in)
ta = 193 psi