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Re: How Plating / Finish is called out on drawings

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Posted By<" ">Randy on March 02, 2002 at 18:58:36:

In Reply to: How Plating / Finish is called out on drawings posted byB.J. Hughes on February 04, 2002 at 15:20:56:

: Looking for a drafting best practice method of calling out plating requirements on drawings. Do I spell out the specific plating requirement or do I call-out a general plating note which refers to a seperate plating document? Looking for some kind of drafting standard practice which will work for purchased machined parts as well as parts which will be made in house. Also, should my dimensions be called out as "before plating" or "after plating"? Please advise. Thanks.
: B.J.

All good answers..

I got the impression that you are a manufacturer ( I'm an engineer, I don't spell) and I have a suggestion if you are.

I suggest that you decide what pre and post processes ( like Cad, Chrome, Zink, heat treating, pinging, tumbling, standard de-burring, painting, normalizing,...) you plan to use in your company. Then create a document that states what these are and perhaps some classes ( use Mil Spc for a standard).
Classes would include thickness, colors and such. Then see that all your shops, vendors and such have a copy and refer to it when designing from your material lists or notes. But try to stick to standards, it pays off. The advantage is that you have set up standards in your own designing that
will be the guide line as you grow, you are growing, right???

my two cents..

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