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Steel vs. Aluminum

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Posted By<" ">Pat Ryan on March 06, 2002 at 16:08:12:

I am a prototype technician for an international designer and manufacturer of portable tradeshow displays. Currently my company is developing a folding truss system. This system will be required to support itself over a twenty foot span, and support the weight of lights and monitors not exceeding 200lbs over an eight foot span. This system must also be modular and break into 31" sections. My question is in reference to material; it is my contention that we should make this out of steel to get the benefit of strength, it is the designers opinion that we should use aluminum for its light weight. If we are building a structure of this nature, are there not codes that spell out what materials would be required? If you have the answer to any of this please e-mail or call me at 703-866-9200 x 1712

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