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Re: Rotating potentiometers??????

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Posted By<" ">Randy Kimball on April 14, 2002 at 09:32:21:

In Reply to: Rotating potentiometers?????? posted byKevin on April 04, 2002 at 07:39:25:

: Hi I am struggling to find a solution to a design problem that I have and thought I might ask at a few places like this. I am trying to replace a potentiometer with something that rotates yet still works like a pot. Or to put it another way, some thing that can give me variable resistance with variable rotation speed. I would be thankful for any ideas,
: Kevin.

Are you looking for variable radial position OR variable speed,these are completely two different things?
A pot will not give you rotation speed unless you are talking a portion of a circle in, say twenty turns or less.
What you may need is an encoder. An encoder will allow you to count turns and small portions of a turn and use electroncs to calculate speed and position accurately. Here you would convert the number of pluses sent to distance/time. Then use a digital to analog converter to provide a varaible voltage.
There are digital to analog converts that will convert speed of pulses to voltage. They are used for example in some speed feed backs and analog looking gauges.

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