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Posted By<" ">Randy Kimball on April 14, 2002 at 15:54:12:

In Reply to: Traveler vs Print posted byCragyon on April 11, 2002 at 08:01:00:

I failed to state that WHAT is on a traveler is up to the company using the traveler or the customer you are job shopping for. I listed EVERY step and used the traveler to state every single process ( except I just listed the proper mil spec for outside processes in the reflective step, includding the name of the vendor).
This gives you continuity from run to run. It can save you when someone is ill or passes away. What you want to do is have a hard record and exact proceedure to guard against human forgetfulness and personel changes, or even promotions. The traveler becomes your control document. Don't forget to review it anytime a blue print revision comes through to adjust it for those changes >.. and to change the reference rev # on the traveler. I required the signature of all important people in the system to insure they are aware of changes and can't worm out of errors in following the proceedure.
A blue print tells us what the part is to look like and any special processes required. A traveler tells us HOW to accomplish that end, consistantly. ALSO, it allows us to evolve to a better process through learned changes and not loose sight of where we are amoungst those changes, this can become a nightmare without a current traveler. The most useful reality of a traveler is to prevent a manufacturing step being left out or done out of sequence. Each step of process of a tralever SHOULD be signed off by a lead person and/or inspection as completed before the next process is staged.
Having a blue print is only part of the process, a traveler is a record of the method to accomplish the manufacture of that product. It is more than a list of steps to quote the product, a common mistake.

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