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Re: galvanneal questions

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Posted By<" ">Steve Johnson on July 16, 2002 at 13:07:04:

In Reply to: galvanneal questions posted bypeterN on January 30, 2002 at 13:25:37:

I believe galvanneal is a type of hot dipped galvanizing where the zinc-coated sheet steel is subsequently heat-treated. Ordinary HDG has a thin layer of zinc-iron alloy at the interface between zinc outer layer and steel substrate. With galvanneal most or all the outer layer is converted to zinc-iron alloy, resulting in a smoother matte spangle-free surface. This results in smoother appearance to paints subsequently applied.
I don't know if there are other benefits to the galvanneal process. Like HDG, galvanneal is a corrosion-inhibitive metallic outer layer on the sheet steel substrate. Punching, cutting, etc., will expose uncoated steel edges, which will be somewhat, but not totally protected from corrosion by the galvanic activity of the zinc or zinc alloy layer. Hope this helps.

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