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Posted By<" ">sarang on July 26, 2002 at 15:32:43:

In Reply to: Re: Spur Gear Design posted byserdar yorulmaz on July 24, 2002 at 22:35:37:

Hi Thanks for your reply.

Here are the details:

- Design is with 2 stage reduction
No of teeths: 8-(34-8)-36
1st stage: 4.25
2nd stage: 4.5
- Motor RPM: 1715, Stall Torque: 4.35 m-NM
- Driving factor is space constrains in asm. (I
can accomodate max. 0.7" OD gear
- The gears are very small with fine pitch (48)
- Design should be as per AGMA: Quality Class:5
- Material is non-metal (Plastic:Acetol)
Tensile Strength, Ultimate: 37 - 66 MPa
Fatigue Strength : 21 - 28 MPa
Coefficient of Friction :0.22 - 0.35
- Mold will be manufactured by Wire EDM (so no
- CTC can be changed as per the manufactiring
veriations & not an issue.

I am expecting the Profile shift/Addendum modification which we need to apply for this design.

We can incerase addendum for Pinion & for Gear no need to add -ve addendum correction.
I think it can be taken care by change in center distance.

Please let me know your suggestions on this.

Thanks again for your help

: Hello..
: I am pretty good at gear design. I am designing single and multi stage speed reducers.. i would like you to advise that before u ask for help about gearing I would recommend you to give the module that you should to calculate according to your torque and other coefficients such as width factor, velocity factor, size factor, load factor, material properties etc. and after that you should to give the distance between the axis. and also you need to give the tolerance and gear quality too..and also you will need to obtain all tables of the coefficients that are used in gear design. what i mean is it is not easy to calculate a profile shift and gear design.. It needs a lot of work to do and very intense work. I am sorry but you did not pass enough information to help you.. I wish i could and i wish you knew more about gear design... i wish you good luck in your design.

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