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Re: Engineering Saleries!

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Posted By<" ">Serdar Yorulmaz on August 07, 2002 at 10:07:46:

In Reply to: Engineering Saleries! posted byVedran on August 06, 2002 at 23:24:41:

I am telling you my friend do not chose your carreer according to the salary after the school. Study what you really like and what you really want to do.. salaries no one can tell you how much you can make after the school.. but i am going to give you some idea. If you find the job in China probably they would pay you 10 bucks per month if you are lucky.. if you find a job in Romania probably 100 bucks per month.... if you find a job in the U.S american companies expect employees work almost free of charge because of capitalism.. so they would pay you about 45K per year after graduation... but who knows.. may be you would apply to a company that might hire you and they would pay you 120K per year.. you never know.. by the way when you get your job DO NOT work for money.. work for gaining knowledge and improving yourself and for good experience.. a very good reference and good experience is a lot better than 120K for one year because good experience and references would help you to make many 120K. so anyways.. before you mind the money you better go to college and chose a subject that you really want to do... thats the advise.. if you chose civil engineering I would hire you after you graduate and here as a structural engineer if you have a PE degree.. here is the example.. diploma is not enough.. I do want ou to be a PE..i would pay you 45K per year.. here is you salary just drop me a line..

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