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Posted By<" ">Gil Laroya on August 21, 2002 at 14:50:31:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Engineering Saleries! posted byVedran on August 08, 2002 at 23:04:50:

: That is so cool!

: GENERALLY do enigneers work in groups or individual?

: Oh and also.. a friend of mine has told me that his friend go a job being an oil engineer with mechanical engineering. Now he was not sure about this but was semi sure but was just interested because there is a LOT of jobs for oil engineers in Alberta canada!

: Heh sorry one more question.
: I would REALLY like to live and work in europe!
: Is the engineering a bigger job market in the north america or europe?

: How hard is it to get a job to work for a racing team or even a an industry like audi,bmw,porsche and so on. :D

: hehe one can dream :D

I can tell you that the mechanical engineering field is perhaps the most open of all the different types of engineering. In todays market, it is all about the combination of your own desires, along with what the market wants in an engineer. Pick VERY carefully based on what fields are relatively safe from economic variations. It sucks to work as an engineer, and have to look for a new job every few years.
An engineering job is 50/50; half the time you're with a group trying to get consensus, the other half of the time, you're on your own, proving out your own concepts.
I work as a medical device engineer. Have never experienced any slowdown in the last 10+ years. I also love my job. I was in electrical engineering for awhile before that, and dealt with layoffs and cutbacks regularly.
Your first priority is to find what excites you most, THEN look for an engineering discipline that compliments that excitement.
The money,Porsches and such will come with experience and knowledge. Don't sit on your degree as many engineers have tried to do. Don't use it "just to get hired". Use it as a key to open doors to what you want to do.
By the way, Europe is not the biggest engineering market there is; market woes slow down development - a fact of business...

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