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Re: Spur Gear Design

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Posted By<" ">Stefan Beermann on September 18, 2002 at 09:10:56:

In Reply to: Spur Gear Design posted bysarang on July 23, 2002 at 02:28:06:

: Can any body help me for following :
: I am designing the Spur gear with Pinion having 8 number of teeths & Gear 34 number of teeth.
: Dimetral Pitch: 48
: Pressure angle: 20 degrees

: 1. How much should be the Profile shift correction factor for Pinion(8 no. of teeths) ?
: 2. What will be parameter values after applying correction fator ?

: Please provide details of this design.
: Thanks in adv.

: Sarang

Hello Sarang,

I just came across this forum, I'm here for the first time. When strolling around I found your question which touches my profession: I'm working for a producer of gear design software (sic!). If you like to examine the possible solutions for the gears yourself you can download a test version at and send me an email to receive the release key. You then have a 30 days trial version which is fully functional.

Kind regards,
Stefan Beermann.

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