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analog switching intercom system

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Posted Bywaqar zaka on September 26, 2002 at 06:23:41:

Dear Sir,
I will try to make my self very breif about my problem. Well iam trying to develop an analog switching intercom system for 6 users which has following functions:-
There will be a Main Operator Pannel with 6 Buttons and 6 LEDS, each button and LED represent a particular user. There will be another button the same operator pannel for calling a partcular user.
Now there will be a single pair cable for each user and each user has normal telephone sets but without keypad.
When ever any of the 6 users want to call the operator they will just simply pick up the handset and there will be a ring on the main operator pannel with LED indication showing from where the call is coming.
Now the objective is to develop such a operator pannel with which normal telephone sets can be connected .
Now i know that for this we need to make use of a two pole switch , a bell circuit using KA2410 , Power Supply of 60 Volts AC and 12 Volts DC, but i want to make sure if iam on the rite track....
Kindly suggets me how i can make the 60 volts Ac and 12 Volts DC supply , the bell circuit ... and if you can sent me how to make the switch wiring for the main operator pannel i will be thankful to you.

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