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galvanneal questions

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Posted By<" ">peterN on January 30, 2002 at 13:25:37:

I am currently investigating 'galvanneal' and need to know whether the process is actually a galvanization process that leaves a galvanized 'skin' on cold rolled sheet metal, or whether the galvanneal process thoroughly impregnates the sheet metal.
I believe 'galvanneal' to be a secondary process generally applied to cold rolled sheet before fabricators pierce, punch, fold, or form the sheet.
I am concened that any piercing, punching, folding or forming would expose bare ('ungalvannealed') CRS and that these untreated areas would be liable to rust.

1. Can anyone confirm, deny, or summarize 'galvanneal' as a rust inhibitor, and whether 'galvanneal' is inherent WITHIN the full thickness of the CRS material, or whether it is just a protective coating?2. Should I be concerned about exposed CRS rusting, whether exposed CRS (i.e. punched holes or sheared edges.
3. Can or should parts be galvannealed, after punching or shearing to inhibit rust.

Thanx in advance for your replies - Peter

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