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Posted Byrcoenen on October 20, 2002 at 20:29:32:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Engineering Saleries! posted byVedran on August 07, 2002 at 21:27:39:

: Hi. Thx for the responce. I really do want to do engineering degree not for the money because I find that subject VERY interesting.

: I still have a year of high school before I go to university. I am still not trying to figure out which path to choose.

: Of the ones I looked civil engineering looks very interesting.
: Electrical and computer engineering is also very interesting.
: Mechanical engineering I guess has the most paths you can choose. I just wish I had more info on the actuall work environment. It rather tough to find info on what a normal day is.

: If someone could give me some info or a site I can visite that descripes what kind of jobs I can get with the 3 kinds of engineering degrees and what the working environment is like.

: I have a rough idea of the job but it would be really cool if some of you guys could tell me what kinda things you do on a daily basis.

: Also if you guys could give me any info it would be so nice to hear it first hand from people who are actually there!

: Oh also if some of you are not in the field I mentioned could you tell me what you finished and what kind of job you got! I mean I looked into those 3 because they interested me the most but if some other fields have more and FUN stuff to offer please tell me I would LOVE to know!!


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