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Re: Trigonometry

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Posted by Jacek Palinski ( on November 18, 2002 at 09:59:52:

In Reply to: Trigonometry posted by Frank on November 17, 2002 at 11:30:12:

: Can Someone tell me the individual definitions for the six functions of Trigonometry? 1. Sine
: 2. Cosine 3. Tangent 4. Cotangent 5. Secant 6.CoSecant. ? Thanks, Frank

So, you have a right-angled triangle with the sides designated as a, b, and c. The angles opposite each of these sides are designated A, B and C, respectively. Angle A, opposite the hypotenuse "a" is the right angle, and is therefore always one of the known angles.
Side "b" is opposite the angle B, and side "c" is adjacent to angle B (which is the angle we are interested in).

Side opposite/Hypotenuse=sine B
or using our sides : b/a=sine B

Side adjacent/Hypotenuse=cosine B
c/a=cosine B

Side opposite/Side adjacent=Tangent B
b/c=Tangent B

Side adjacent/Side opposite=Cotangent B
c/b=Cotangent B

Hypotenuse/Side adjacent=Secant B
a/c=Secant B

Hypotenuse/Side opposite=Cosecant B
a/b=Cosecant B

Hope, this will help.


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