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Re: Composite position tolerance

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Posted by Jacek Palinski ( on November 21, 2002 at 12:32:46:

In Reply to: Composite position tolerance posted by Luis on November 20, 2002 at 20:05:54:

: Greetings everyone,

: I'm having a difficult time understaing the whole concept about composite position tolerance. Can someone please explain to me how to get the pattern-locating tolerance zone? I know how to calculate the feature-relating tolerance zone but I have no idea on how to calculate the pattern. Are there any specific formulas you can share with me?


Composite position tolerancing is a method that uses a double feature control frame for position of a pattern. The application is used when design requirements can allow more positional tolerance for pattern location than for the hole-to-hole requirement. In other words, the location of a pattern can have a looser tolerance than the features to each other.
The upper segment controls the pattern location from the specified datums. The lower segment specifies hole pattern spacing requirement and orientation of the pattern to the specified datums.
If you could send a specific application, we could together work on the tolerancing of it ( I hope that you were talking about hole patterns in this case).


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