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Re: Granulated plastic

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Posted by William ( on November 27, 2002 at 20:44:25:

In Reply to: Granulated plastic posted by Mike on November 27, 2002 at 13:47:17:

: Does anybody know where I could get hold of some granulated plastic It was used to coat hot steel and when it dried it would leave a thick plastic finish e.g. If you made a tool of some sort that had a handle and you wanted to give its handle a plastic coating, you had to heat the area then dip it in a powder substance and when it cooled it would leave a plastic coating, does this make any sense?
: I'm not an engineer by the way but need the product for a small job. Can any one help?
: Regards

: Mike

There is a product on the market that you may be able to use. It is a really thick placisized fluid material. You can dip the handles of pliers or similar tools into it, hang to dry and solidify. Whalla! You have a neat insulated handle. The stuff comes in many colors too!
Sorry I cannot recall the name, but it beats powders or granulated stuff as these would not produce the results you expect. Check with you local harware man and ask him about "dip-it" or something like that.

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