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Electrical or Mechanical

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Posted by Ed ( on December 12, 2002 at 01:42:38:


I just got out from the Air Force at 26. Currently I am taking the prerequisites for Engineering subjects. However, I have no engineering background or experience. I am chosing between Electrical or Mechanical. I want EE but I am scared about how the many of them are unemployed right now. And if the upturn comes there are too many of them who's got an MSEE already and with lots of experience. Mechanical is my second choice. But I don't know much about ME and as I said it's like a second choice.(I also plan to go into business if things gets favorable).

Some things I am interested in are Biomedical(X-ray, MRI, CATscan machines), Transmission of Information(anything related,...) and odd things ( Banking, Finance, and pure small business operation/ entrepreneurship). If you guys have any hints please share them with me. Thanks Godbless!


P.S. Next semester I will start taking Major (EE or ME) specific couses.

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