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Re: What to do with my career!

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Posted by Alex ( on December 12, 2002 at 17:10:27:

In Reply to: What to do with my career! posted by Vedran on December 08, 2002 at 19:01:39:

: Hello everyone. I have stumbled upon this site while trying to research some information about civil and mechanical engineering.

: I will be finishing my last year of high school in about 7 months and I really need to consentrate on my future. So I have come here wondering if any of you would mind answearing a few questions about civil and mechanical engineering.

: First of, I want to know what exaclly can one do with a degree in mechanical engineering. What kinda jobs will I be able to obtain and what exaclly will I be doing. I know this question will be hard to answear since mechanical engineering is such a big area, but I just need some insight into what exally can one do with an mechanical engineering degree?
: Same question but with an civil engineering degree?

: Next I was wondering what I will be learning in University if I was to choose this route. How long is program to obtain an bachelor in engineering? 4 or 5 years?

: Here is my last question which is causeing me the most problems. To enter an engineering program in University of British Columbia I must obtain a 85% average. This is not a problem for any subjects I am currently taking except english! Math, Phyics, Chem I am getting over 85 %. So I was wondering how important is English in obtaining an engineering degree. Second if I am not able to go directly into university and take one year of college and transfer to university do i start in my second year or do i still have to do the 4 years in university!

: Thx you for your time!


Presently I am a student in mechanical engineering at concordia university in montreal. From what I've experienced, the first two years are rather dull... mostly mathematics. You gotta be very strong with your calculus, that is a given. Course such as thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, etc... those are the courses that become interesting. I didn't know what I was getting myself into at first, but over the time, I have come to appreciate the program. This summer I worked at a company called Targray, doing Quality Control. A mech degree can lead to plenty of things, a lot of people are going into aerospace... companies like Bombardier, Pratt and Whitney, etc., I've even seen jobs for companies like Bauer, designing hockey sticks. Anyways, hope this helps orient you a little.


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