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Seeking advice on basic product design & resources

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Posted by guest2 ( on January 04, 2003 at 02:58:07:

I would like to take a device idea to the next level, namely to create a detailed mechanical drawing and make materials and parts choices so that I will be able to soliciting quotes for actually getting it manufactured.

I'm interested in any suggestions you may have for solutions/companies/websites etc... based on the following:

The device will basically look like cage-like rectangular structure, roughly 1'W x 5'H x 6'L. My goal is to have it be strong enough to hold together roughly 600 lbs of materials during movement, remaining virtually rigid (no significant flex allowed). There are two basic positions--the weight resting on one of the 5x6 sides and on one of the 1x6 sides, interchangebly. An visualization might look like a rigid large suitcase with no lid, alternatively laid down and "stood up". I need to make it as light as possible within cost and bulk constraints and wouild love to be able to take it apart when necessary. I would only be able to afford basic materials - expensive or narrowly-used composites, ceramics are not feasible. There are no other considerations in terms of temp., moisture, corrosions, etc... it will be in a "normal" indoor environment. So, I'm not sure if I should be thinking about wood beams and slats, solid polyethylene panels and plastic slats, aluminum bars or some sort of tubing system. Any suggestions on materials in terms of basic weight/strength/bulk/production cost considerations? Thank you for takign the time to read this.

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