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Re: Re: Bell Extrusion Specs
Re: Re: Bell Extrusion Specs -- Randy Kimball Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Randy Kimball

01/21/2003, 23:20:44

In fact, if memory serves me, no one else is allowed to provide you that spec. except BHT. This is a regulation intended to see that only the most recent version or revision of the spec in placed in the hands of vendors. Accepting a spec from other than BHT could get you into a problem if a change was made that you are not aware of. The purchase order ALWAYS comes with a 'data sheet', and the 'data sheet' ALWAYS lists all the specs required to comply to on it. Thus, you should have the information of which spec to request from the BHT buyer or contact, if you have a BHT purchase order. If not...... be very careful!!!!Aircraft parts have VERY strong protection laws!Manufacturing BHT aircraft parts third person can get you into serious trouble if you can not furnish PROOF of compliance to BHT material specs.

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