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Length of a spiral
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Posted by: John

02/03/2003, 09:38:05

I am working on a problem that requires me to determine the length of wire used to manufacture a hairspring. Hairsprings are commonly found in watches, gages and other devices that require torsional loading. Basically, it is a flat coil of wire, with a small hub in the center. The windings do not touch one another, and may be either rectangular or round in cross section. For our unique application, the hairspring will not be torsionally loaded, and therefore I cannot use the industry standard formula, which is used by spring manufacturers to design hairsprings. Instead, I need a formula that describes a hairspring in terms of Wire Diameter (or Wire Height and Width), Pitch (space between coils), Inside Diameter of hub, Outside Diameter of the coil, Number of Turns and the Material Properties. My first approach was to investigate the length of a spiral. However, I have not been successful. Please contact me with any advise you can offer.Best regards, John

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