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Re: Re: symmetrical flow(8cavity molding w/ PPS)
Re: Re: symmetrical flow(8cavity molding w/ PPS) -- Rocky Huber Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Marc Ocampo

03/06/2003, 05:04:21

: : Having trouble w/ molding process on symmetrical flow of 8cavity mold w/ PPS resin.Using symmetrical cold-runner molding.Can't get a uniform mold on each cavity particularly on cav#2#3#6#7compared to cav#1#4#5#8.Any suggestions or similar experience would be appreciated.Thank You: The problem is a result of the laminar flow pattern of plastic. It is found in cold runners and, to a lesser extent, in hot runners too. The inside cavities almost always fill preferentially to the outside in conventional balanced runner systems. The link will bring you to Beaumont RunnerTechnologies Melt Flipper page. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just didn't want to try to explain what they have already done so well. Good luck to you.Rocky Huber,Thanks for the information I really appreciate your time in replying,I'll look it up. We've been trying different methods including Heat Pipes in the Sliders to balance the flow on each cavity the said PPS polymer resin has a very High-Thermal conductivity rate w/c are very important in cooling down the parts of CPU,DVD,CD's & other Drivers...w/c in turn cools faster on Injection inside the molds thus resulting in uneven pressure & dimensions even if we raise the Temp. of the molds...mixing additives even by 0.5% to 1.0% decreases the Thermal Conductivity rate of the polymer. again Thank you for the information.

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