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Re: Discoloration of Aluminum
Re: Discoloration of Aluminum -- Dave Noseworthy Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: BJH

03/19/2003, 10:16:58

Is the Al 5052-H34 raw or does it have some type of finish?Have you tried sending your request for help to the folks at folks there are very knowledgable in Chemistry, and Metal Finishing.I realize this doesn't answer your question, but maybe it will direct to those who can.Good luck.: We submerge our 5052 H34 aluminum boats in our water filled testing tank, in as little as 24 hours the part of the aluminum that is under water is changing color, becoming a much darker, browner, dark grey color. The color change of the aluminum can be removed with a polish, so it is not penetrating to a great degree. We had emptied the tank at the beginning of January, and I had partly submerged some samples in the new water for various lengths of time, with no major color change. Periodically since then, I have submerged aluminum samples, with the color change becoming more and more apparent the longer the water is in the tank. The water has been in the tank for 2 months now, and boats exiting the tank after being submerged for only 24 hours are in terrible condition. We use treated city water in our test tank, and I have test reports on the water supply, nothing seeming unusual. What should I do next?

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