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Re: Re: Designing of an air conditioning unit using a 12 v dv compressor
Re: Designing of an air conditioning unit using a 12 v dv compressor -- Tommy Jones Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: John

03/25/2003, 07:17:14

Hi I have been looking for a way to cool my truck and Just found this site on the web this morning.I would like to build my own AC for my truck but have not had any luck so far finding a compressor that will run 12Volts. make a 12 volt AC unit.: : hello, : : I would be greatful if anyone can assist me in the designing process of an air conditioning unit using a 60 watt, 12 volt direct current compressor with a working refrigerant of R 12.The load/space are to be determined also. Please note that the type, size,number of fins,tube sizing are to be provided for the evaporator and condenser. The type and size of fans for the evaporator and condenser are to be provided also.Thank you.: Mr. Jones: This is not feasible. A 60 watt DC motor cannot perform the work necessary to acheave any cooling capacity of any significance. But on a similar note, the automotive industry is embarking upon increasing the voltage of the automotive electric system to 42 VDC so air conditioning systems and other items can be oprated by the electric system. Ths would allow more engine HP to be used for the drive train.: Good Luck on your quest.: William

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