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Re: Re: Uneducated Fool!
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Posted by: Bab

03/27/2003, 01:18:15

Thank you so much for responding. This answers many questions. Basically, I have a small electric motor directly connected to a timing belt pulley with a belt attached to that. That gives me motion, but how do I make it rotate the panels in a vertical rectangular shape. I suppose I will use basic closet door wheels on a track moving them horizontal, then vertical. This is pretty much my last stepping stone before the easy questions of what motor to buy, what to power it, and how to speak to it via 2 buttons. I wish I had webspace to show images of my drawings. This must be hard to comprehend from my generic descriptions. Thanks again for your help and the McMaster-Carr site suggestion. After all the intense searching on the internet, I never came across it. D-

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