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Re: Re: MPa conversion
Re: MPa conversion -- Roger Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Mark

03/27/2003, 13:00:45

Unit is common in mechanical type engineering where you are often dealing hundreds of thousands of PSI. Just to make it worse, some literature calls this unit kips. : Roger:: I see that your company is in California, which happens to be where I live as well. I have never heard of the unit called kilo pounds per square inch. Who in the world uses that unit and why? In any event, instead of "KSI" it would be much more informative if it were "kpsi" (i.e., kilo pounds per square inch). Note that the kilo is "k" not "K".: Have you ever thought of just calling it "1000 psi"?: Regards,: Milton Beychok ... Link Removed (No links allowed on forums)

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