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Beam design
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Posted by: Chad Franke

04/03/2003, 14:15:07

Hello all. I am looking for some reassurance on a beam design. I am a mechanical engineer, but this isn't my specialty so I am looking for some reinforcement on my calculations. Here is the problem:

I need a beam (steel I Beam preferred) to span 45 feet. It will be simply supported, figure 44 feet between supports. There will be 2 point loads, actual estimated load of 6 kip. Spacing will be 17 feet from centerline. I am going for a factor of safety of 2-2.5. What size I beam would everyone recommend I use? Thanks for the help, this is a great resource site.

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Re: Beam design
Re: Beam design -- Chad Franke Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: wtool ?

09/01/2005, 10:32:43

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24" WF @ 68#/ft will deflect about 3/4" under the load

hope it is braced laterally

if truss depth is not a restricted, a truss could be less costly and more stable.

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