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AutoCad vs CadKey
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Posted by: smm2123

05/28/2003, 21:39:48

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Sorry, I'm new at this. Can anyone help me in deciding which software to use: AutoCad or Cadkey? I've heard AutoCad is more architecturally oriented, while CadKey is designed for engineers. Does AutoCad take the cake in both areas? What's your experience with each? I know that more people use AutoCad than anything else... I'm sure that's for a reason. I'd appreciate your input. Thanks for your help. - Scott

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Re: Auto CAD ...
Re: AutoCad vs CadKey -- smm2123 Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: RKimball

05/29/2003, 00:36:26

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Well, ... I'll tell you about using AutoCAD for engineering. ... I use it and have thousands of hours under my belt. Currently I use AutoCAD's Inventor. Inventor allows me to play with and develop concepts and does all the file storage work. I can EASILY change the drawing, model, or assembly portion of my project and it will automaticly correct all the others, instantly, ... even the individual parts while in the assembly platform. Inventor works well on most computers because it is a newly developed, more effecient and more compact kernel. BUT the most amazing thing is I can connect all the parts together into a WORKING model and apply different textures and transparencies, making it easy to see the model's concept fit and interlockings. I said WORKING model. Cranks turn, pistons slide, rods connect, slides slide inside ways. I can watch my project operate and will often catch mistakes in the design's interactions before anyone else has even viewed the model, ... minutes into the concept, ... WAY before I have spent resources on a prototype! This means I can simply make a size or shape change to the mis-designed portion and re-operate the project model in minutes with the corrected fit or function. This means I almost never have a fit function problem when the prototype or final machined parts are assembled. I can present the concept as a working model with colors, transparencies, and textures in board meetings. It almost draws the drawings for me and they are built into seperate files than the model, therefore I do NOT destroy the model when I develope the drawings. The files are small and easy to manage. It is VERY easy to grasp and it allows me to do what used to take hours, in minutes,

I have NO connection of any kind with AutoDesk and get nothing for telling how much I like it. This is my own opinion.

I am sure others have perhaps equally favorable opinions about other CAD systems. The choices of CAD systems today are exciting, we are quite lucky to be doing design work in a new CAD strong world!!!!!


** The worst suggestion of your lifetime may be the catalyst to the grandest idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions. -randy-

Modified by RKimball at Thu, May 29, 2003, 00:47:55

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Re: AutoCad vs CadKey Smile
Re: AutoCad vs CadKey -- smm2123 Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Cragyon
05/28/2003, 22:05:59

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What do you intent on using the cad for? We use Solid Edge by Unigraphics, and are quite pleased with the software. We just got updated to version 14 which has surface modeling capabilities.

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