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rugged? Smile
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Posted by: proddesign

06/23/2003, 15:04:01

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what is rugged? what looks durable and can stand the test of what it is supposed to be designed to do?
I'm looking for examples.

an SUV is supposed to be rugged but many dont really have the look of TOUGH and STRONG. Hyandai has an OLV concept that has a rugged look in my opinion but the materials may prove otherwise.

A backhoe is pretty rugged or a steel overhead support bridge...something about an "I" beam with a bolt pattern looks tough.

What makes something look rugged? I'm just curious as to other peoples opinion and trying to spark conversation.


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Re: rugged?
Re: rugged? -- proddesign Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: diemeister
10/18/2003, 18:56:03

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This is interesting! Rugged I think is almost empiracle.  self defining, in the sense of whats the objective ie. sales, function, environment ect. It may be generational. To me visually a tank or battleship is it the rivets or the guns. Does the ability to challenge the ocean or protect sailors or project force stand alone or are they mulipliers.

A rugged individual might be weathered skin or hardened eyes the background plays too.

We need to establish variables. What is the historical images. Can ruggedness be taught in commercials example the SUV driving through rugged terrain or rugged wheather  .

become symbolic of rugged

come to minders

  • cowboys
  • himalayas
  • the old rugged cross
  • piramids
  • barlow knife

even used to describe shoddy design looking at house "thats pretty rugged"


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