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help in nanomotor
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Posted by: doc tsh

10/19/2009, 04:16:08

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Hi every one.

I have got a detailed torque versus speed graph of a nanoscale motor. Please see the attached graph.

I request someone to help me to find the following information:

1. What are the charecteristics of motor information i can get from this graph?

2. Can I calculate moment of inertia of this motor from these data?

3. Any other useful inferences from this graph?

Ps: I also can get other graphs like speed time, speed emf etc.

Thanks in advance.

torque-speedgraph.JPG (10.2 KB)  

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: help in nanomotor
: help in nanomotor -- doc tsh Post Reply Top of thread Engineering Forum
Posted by: zekeman

11/01/2009, 10:00:41

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Depends on what you want to do with the motor.
Simply put, this is a standard T-S curve for a motor with at each constant V.
You cant get any dynamic information from it without providing the load which is inertial , friction, or work and how you plan on controlling it.
Why don't you state the application to get further help with this.

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