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Help selecting material for Angel-wing structure
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Posted by: 3pheMeraLmiX

07/15/2003, 19:17:29

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I'm rather new to all of this so much of the terminology goes over my head. I was hoping someone could give me some pointers or ideas concerning this project I had in mind.

I want to be able to construct a wearable structure of the following image:

Is there any plastic material available that I can carve to achieve this?

Considering that it has to be wearable, there were a few factors I had to take into account:

2)Enough Strength to carry the weight of its extended parts
4)Carvable or easily modified without the use of heavy machinery

The dimensions are pretty much a guess right now -- but average length of the entire wing would be about 52 inches in length stretched out. I'm muddling over two design choices at the moment:

a) Make the wing adjustable, using hinges at the joints.
b) Create it without hinges, permanantley fashion it into the desired pose

I'm not sure if there is any such plastic that I could use that would have all of these properties, which is why I'm asking for a little help. I don't have access to any design labs -- I'm just an art student working on a hobby project of mine, so materials have to be cheap and easily modifiable. I'm in the process of drawing up blue prints and figuring out the mechanics behind the wing -- but before I go through the trouble I want to know if there's anything that's available commercially that'll allow me to do it?

Modified by 3pheMeraLmiX at Tue, Jul 15, 2003, 20:05:41

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Re: Help selecting material for Angel-wing structure -- 3pheMeraLmiX Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: RKimball

07/26/2003, 16:45:56

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I've been away on vacation... my answer may be late.

I would search for movie special effects web sites. They are good at doing things like this.


** The worst suggestion of your lifetime may be the catalyst to the grandest idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions. -randy-

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