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Bursting size
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Posted by: foduef

09/05/2003, 11:13:48

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I have a 8" schedule 40 120psi pipe line in service since 1978. Due to corrosion wall thickness is .206 at the lowest point. How do I calculate at what thickness the line will burst?

Thank you

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Re: bursting size
Re: Bursting size -- foduef Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: RKimball

09/14/2003, 11:00:45

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I recommend that you do R&D to achieve the information you need. This means you will have to build a small section of the pipe with thinned sides and place it in a safe location or container cage and place it under several PSI more than expected or burst it. Doing so, be sure to arrive at a safety factor number which will allow for a margin of considerable error. or if it bursts allow for possible additional weakness in other sections.
Corrosion is not necessarily consistant and factors of materal variation and local stresses will have caused some areas to be weaker than others. Be sure to consider the fact that a section of pipe with thined wall will be less ridged, think about how this may be an additional hazzard.

As an idea, perhaps you could replace a small section of pipe and use the removed section to perform the test. You may want to drop an object onto the section while under load to be sure that an act of nature of accident will not contribute to the failure.

Please be careful and remember to determine a large safety factor. Remember you are not testing properly if you do not protect those performing the test.


** The worst suggestion of your lifetime may be the catalyst to the grandest idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions. -randy-

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