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Help calculating the Exhaust system dimensions… Question
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Posted by: pmsilva ®

12/29/2003, 07:14:49

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In the drying area of a pulp mill factory, huge amounts of steam vapor is released into the air, provoking an increase of the relative humidity in that area, which will then provoke high levels of rust formation and corrosion in the proximate steel surroundings.


Therefore I would like to project a new ventilation (exhaust) system.


If I’m able to calculate the temperature and relative humidity at the moment, knowing the size (volume) of the existing area, and knowing the desired relative humidity value, I would like to know how can I calculate the quantity of air necessary to exhaust from that area to achieve a moderate value of relative humidity.


Due to installation difficulties the ventilation system must be installed on a sidewall of the factory and not on the rooftop, is there any substantial difference in this type of installation that I should be aware of?


If anyone knows how to calculate the exhaust flow necessary to reduce the relative humidity, such as any normal operating procedures, please help me…


The factory is located in Portugal, near the Atlantic Ocean (1.5 km), the outside temperature is aprox. 10 – 16 ºC in the winter and 20 – 35ºC in the summer. Therefore it will not be necessary heating the intake air.


Thank you for your help,


Phillip Silva



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