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Electrical usage
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Posted by: CliffG

01/19/2004, 08:07:10

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I know that this is something trivial to some but I am a disabled vet and I have a son who is into, or rather getting into varmint hunting.  We had been using one of the little CD players, uses 2-AA batteries which don't last long or so it seems, and a funky speaker and had not been getting good results.  We have been told to buy some of Johnny Z calling systems that are $130 without any goodies.  I have made a battery pack of 4-D batteries 2 batteries in series to get the 3.0 volt needed for the CD player.  I have 2 sets of 2 D batteries in series and then the 2 series are in parallel to give it a double volume? of electricity for the CD player.  I know these will last quite a while but the speakers that we came up with are the speakers that came with my computer.  Has treble/bass controls + volume control and really makes the sounds sound accurate.  The only thing is it takes 12 v DC to run the durned things.  I have gotten a 12v battery that goes to those large flashlights that many construction companies furnish for a lot of light.  Reckon that battery will last very long, hour wise as compared to using 8 -D rechargeable batteries.  What will be our best bet to go for?  I know that to buy a charger to take care of 8 D batteries or 2 chargers to take care of 4 batteries each will be expensive but I just don't know how to minimize my cost on this.  My wife and I have been divorced a while and our youngest son is now getting to where he likes being with me, not just to target shoot but to mess with a computer and things like that but I have to do as much as I can as cheap as I can.


Many thanks to all, Take Care and God Bless

Cliff Gholson

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Re: Electrical Usage
Re: Electrical usage -- CliffG Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: RandyKimball
01/19/2004, 22:54:05

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From a Nam Vet, (me). ... Good for you Cliff! Yes agreed, scrounge up an old car battery good enough to hold a charge several hours, this will run the whole thing for longer than you want to stay. As for the voltage divider, I'm betting you can get someone around to scrounge one up too from the SA or even a Radio Shack back room table sale, most people don't realize it but RS shops generally have a back room returns and such sale table, especially this time of year. I'm betting on a 12 volt system to play the calls form. As for charging the old (likely free) car battery, a returned charger for a remote control car that puts out 13.5 to 15 volts DC will trickle charge the old lead cells in a couple of days between trips. Please give it a try. Even bet you guys could work it out with the store manager if you needed to.
... resources ... remember the service, when you needed somthing you found something to trade. I love your reason, good true quality value! Bond together in that common ground. I'm thinking working together to find a way to earn that back room discounted equipment could be a great father/son project. Would make the bond stronger and make the equipment even more valuable ... and enjoyable!! Is a great lesson for the son too! ... an old returned but working car CD player will have FANTISTIC sound, way better than that old varmit call.

The worst suggestion of you lifetime may be the catalyst to the grandest idea of the century, never let suggestions go unsaid nor fail to listen to them.

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Re: Electrical usage Smile
Re: Electrical usage -- CliffG Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: rogerroll
01/19/2004, 15:34:33

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May I suggest you go to Radio Shack and get a converter that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car. Some have a selector switch on the side to obtain the voltage you need! Connect it to your 12v battery (maybe an old car battery)(in parallel with the speakers) and select 3 volts to run your CD player!
Good hunting!

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