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Posted by: johnmtalley

01/31/2004, 02:44:59

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Im working on an elaborate personal project that requires drawings. I have built a prototype and have been working on prints...I have just realized that in my near 15 years experience in metalworking that I have never seen a gnurling callout on a blueprint...can someone gie me some info on how gnurling is dimensioned and called out...

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Re: knurling
Re: gnurling -- johnmtalley Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: RandyKimball
01/31/2004, 18:41:11

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Knurling [what you see on a ratchet wrench handle] is called out as fine, medium or coarse, ... or .... 64, 96, 128, or 160 diametral pitch (64 being the most coarse). A 64 diametral pitch knurl would cut about .006" into the work and raise the work about .0025" (.012" into & .005" raise on the diameter).

You draw a line around the dia. where the knurl starts and where it stops and use a note arrow to identify what knurl to use between the lines. I consider most ratchet handles to be a coarse knurl.

Use a fine knurl to raise diameters to improve press fits.

Your diameter changes will tend to be close to this chart:
64 - .012" into & .005" raise
96 - .010" into & .004" raise
128 - .008" into & .003" raise
160 - .006" into & .002" raise

For handles and such a shop will set the machine to get a knurl that looks and feels best within the pitch you specify. The size of a knurl result is rarely called out at less than .01" per diameter unless it must fit past, into, or over another diameter.

I hope this is enough to get you going.

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Modified by RandyKimball at Sat, Jan 31, 2004, 19:15:48

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