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ordinate dimensioning
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Posted by: barberbh
02/18/2004, 12:32:52

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Is it correct to put a tolerance on the origin dimension 0 if there are features on the X Y axis that require tolerances different than what is defaulted in the title block?  If not, how do you detail them?  In the notes?  (ie features on the XY axis are toleranced at +/- .000)?



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Re: ordinate dimensioning
Re: ordinate dimensioning -- barberbh Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: rpatoh

02/23/2004, 12:14:47

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It seems that you are concerned that the profile of coplanar surfaces be within some tolerance of each other. Use the ASME Y14.5 symbol for "profile of a surface" symbol, with the applicable tolerance, attached to the extension line of the plane from '0,0'. If not all of the surfaces are to be used to establish the plane from '0,0', designate which surfaces are by attaching a common extension line to the one, or ones that are, along with the profile of a surface tolerance and designate that plane as a datum. Subsequent surfaces  that are coplanar with the datum reference plane should have a "profile of a surface" symbol, tolerance, and reference to that datum attached to an extension line from them, or to a leader pointing to them.

For coaxial features, select one (or two) significant cylindrical feature(s) as the datum(s) whose axis is used to establish (or set-up) '0,0'. Coaxial features may be toleranced using "runout", "position", or "profile of a surface" symbols, with reference to that datum. 

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