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Internal Combustion Engine
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Posted by: matin

06/09/2004, 03:50:30

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The natural gas has a better octane number(96) and although it mixes with the intake air much better and burns more efficiently then why does the gas engine are poor in taking care of torque loads.I have in my facility two Guascors 2*725KW V-16 turbo charged there RPM goes down too much when I put a torque load of around 80--100KW on them but the same I do with the diesel engines there response is very good.why is that.Has it got to do with the calorific value?

Secondly when here in Pakistan when we convert our cars to CNG we feel a loss of power while driving on CNG as compared driving on Petrol

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Re: Internal Combustion Engine
Re: Internal Combustion Engine -- matin Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Cragyon
06/09/2004, 07:42:12

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Now, I'm not an expert on this, but, I believe gas fueled engines do not produce as much torque because gasoline or natural gas burns at a much rate faster than diesel fuel.  Because of the slower combustion rate of the diesel fuel, force is applied to the cylinder longer through the combustion cycle.


There is a bunch of stuff here on Engineers Edge about engines and their operation


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Internal Combustion Engine
Re: Re: Internal Combustion Engine -- Cragyon Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: RandyKimball
06/09/2004, 09:22:21

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Too, pure diesel engines tend to have longer strokes. A longer stroke equals more leverage which delivers more torque. Yes, agreed, slower burning fuels deliver push lower in the stroke while the crank is at a more advantaged leverage position near the 90 angular area. This means that higher RPMs are not as easily obtainable. Plus diesel tends to lubricate the cylinder action better as it is an oily fuel, extending the life of the motor extensively.

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