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Internal Combustion Engine Question
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Posted by: matin

06/12/2004, 04:25:44

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I have a ABC 6 piston diesel turbo charged engine (950 KW) ,when we usually load the engine to around 750 KW (500C)the exhaust manifold and the turboinlets manifolds become red hot,we contacted the manufacturers they said the pipes can withstand the temperatures but I think this should not happen as red hot means it is getting too much hot why is this happening.The engine is a dual fuel pilot is diesel fuel.When we run it on diesel the temperatures fall down the red hot colour disappears but when we switch it to dual fuel where the secondary fuel is natural gas the exhaust becomes red hot.


Secondly I got the answer regarding why the gas engines run hotter.So if we need to bring the temperatures of the exhaust down what should we do we increase the gas flow(consumption) so that it burns at a lower temperature as I get it the more leaner the mixture the more temperature it requires to combust.Is that the case.


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Internal Combustion Engine
Re: Internal Combustion Engine -- matin Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: RandyKimball
06/12/2004, 15:33:03

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It is possible you are running too lean.

If you are running a liquid fuel through a not computerized carburetor you may need to get larger run jets installed.

If you are runing a gas product like natural gas and are metered by a device with an orifice you may need to get larger orifices.

If you are being injected by computer controled injectors you may need to check to see that the air flow metering device is working, that the throtle position potentiometer device is working, and that the oxygen censor/s is/are working properly. Without these working correctly the computer can not know how to correctly determine the fuel to air mixture to control combuston temperture and power curves.


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