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Gas/Diesel Engine size Question
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Posted by: matin

09/06/2004, 03:43:56

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Why is that a same size gas fired engine has more pistons then a diesel engine of same size.

How does a gas engine oil differs from that of a diesel engine oil,what properties should be observed for lube oil changes besides viscosity.

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Re: Gas/Diesel Engine size
Re: Gas/Diesel Engine size -- matin Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: wb

09/24/2004, 09:48:38

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Generally for a fixed displacement more pistons allows higher revs.  Since a diesel engine has higher compression then a gas engine it revs lower and doesn't need the additional pistons.

Diesel engine oil usually deals with more bearing loading and suspends more combustion byproducts than oil designed for gas engines.  The application, marine, mining, generator, trucking, will change the oil type regardless of compression or ignition engines since the operating conditions could vary from idling most of the time to running full throttle most of the time.

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