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Shear stress
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Posted by: celicagt

11/30/2004, 12:44:11

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It is given as VQ/bI.  Q= first moment of area of the cross section above the point, in question.

What does this mean. How is it caculated?

Secondly what is the equation for shear stress due to torsion

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Re: Shear stress
Re: Shear stress -- celicagt Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Cragyon
11/30/2004, 15:11:36

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I think your equation is for determining the average value of your shearing stress, rave  .

Q (first moment) is some area with respect to the neutral axis of the beam or section in question.

Given: I beam

If the top and bottom sections of the Ibeam are .020 m X .100m and the center of these areas are 0.60m from the neutral axis (center of beam) then the first moment of inertia is:

Q = (.020m * .100m)(.060m) or .000120 m^3

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